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News about CINA

Ramadan is not too far away. This year we will have 2 separate Ramadan features - Ramadan recipes and Ramadan Good

6am – 7am Fayrouzyat

Join Rasha Zreika for an hour of music from Fayrouz and other legendary artists. Set your alarm to 102.3 FM every

7am-10am Rami Sadeq

Rami Sadeq has news, weather, traffic, interesting information, prizes and great music to wake up to. Join Rami first thing Monday

  • Rana

9am-Noon Rana Haddad

Rana Haddad is part of your office. Join her Monday through Friday from 9 until Noon. Music to make the workday

3pm-6pm Noor Kinani

Noor Al-Kinani has great music, news, and informative features weekdays from 3pm to 6pm. You’ll love listening to Noor, our first-ever

Newscaster Samia Alzubaidi

Samia Alzubaidi writes and presents news broadcasts weekday afternoons. She keeps our listeners informed about events at-home and around the world.

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