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Business Tips – Friends or enemies

For decades a retail or service business viewed their direct competitors as the enemy. If there were 2 clothing stores on Main Street, the owners wouldn’t speak with each other, believing every sale at the other store came out of their pocket. When businesses placed advertising in media, they would demand not to be in the same commercial break as their competitor.

But things have changed. Big box stores became the competitor. Locally-owned businesses just hoped there would be traffic on their street. Perhaps a joint event with their mortal enemy (the other clothing store) might be a good idea. Now, things have changed even further. The enemy is online ordering and the clothing stores just hope to have enough people shop in their town, let alone their street.

The internet also changed behavior. Clearly, shoppers love to compare. They want access to competing businesses as quickly as possible, usually one click on a smartphone. They don’t want any ad separation between competing businesses in media.

Shopping has gone from ‘which’ to ‘where’ to ‘how’. Your business needs to be exceptionally creative to survive. Don’t ignore alliances with your local competitors. Together may be better.

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-Al Pervin, marketing strategist