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Etiquette Tip of the Week: The Most Successful Do This
By Callista Gould, Author and Certified Etiquette Instructor

“The most successful people I know return calls the same day.”

That was an insight from my friend, Dave Swerdlick, in a recent conversation. It’s true. The who’s who get back to you. Part of their success is they are responsive.

You would think they might be too busy. Sometimes they are. Ask any executive about the volume of emails that hit their inbox each day.

Technology has raised expectations for instant responses. Ever had someone angry at you because you didn’t respond to a text fast enough?

Being responsive is all about making time for people. Which is really what etiquette is about – being aware of and attentive to people.

There are a lot of instances in business where we could raise our “responsiveness” game:

▪ Responding to emails the same day. This isn’t always possible, depending on our volume of emails. Learning to prioritize is a priority. (Hint: read the Etiquette Tip of the Week first, then everything else.)
▪ Sending a thank you note within 24-hours, especially a thank you note for an interview. The sooner we send a thank you note, the more fresh the sentiment is in our mind.
▪ Replying to invitations as soon as possible. Don’t hedge until the last minute to see if there’s a better offer. R.S.V.P. means “Respond please.” That means respond if we will be there or if we are not planning to attend.
▪ Communicating by email or text to confirm a lunch or a coffee meeting.

Most importantly, follow through. It amazes me to hear about job applicants who “ghost” (don’t show up) for a job interview, career fair appointment or events they have registered for. If you said you are going to be there, be there.

Make time for people. To be successful, be responsive.

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