CINA FM logo102.3 FM CINA Radio broadcasts in at least 12 languages.

Arabic is our prime language and is aired from Midnight to 10pm Monday through Saturday (22 hours) and Midnight to 8pm Sunday (20 hours).

Other languages:

Monday through Friday

  • Hindi 10pm-Midnight (also available all day at


  • Italian 10pm-10:30pm
  • Serbian 10:30pm-11pm
  • Romanian 11pm-Midnight


  • Assyrian 8pm-9pm
  • Spanish 9pm-9:30pm
  • German 9:30pm-10pm
  • Hungarian 10pm-10:30pm
  • Ukrainian 10:30pm-11pm
  • Macedonian 11pm-11:30pm
  • Cantonese 11:30pm-Midnight